60 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Dec 07, 2023

If you've been struggling to close deals and boost your income, this post is for you. Let's dive into a concept that has impacted over 60 million people – the concept of abundance. Now, this isn't a groundbreaking idea created by me; instead, I've reworked it to make it applicable specifically to sales professionals.

Here are the key principles that can transform your mindset and elevate your sales game.

  1. Desire: To achieve success in sales, your desire must match your need for oxygen. I'm not talking about wanting a new iPhone; I'm talking about a burning desire for success. Reflect on your actions when faced with challenges. Did you push through creatively, or did you give up? Your desire sets the tone for everything else.
  1. Faith: Believe, don't just think, that you can achieve your sales goals. Zero doubt is the key. Even when facing monthly quotas, maintain faith that success will come. It's not about if; it's about when and how. Ingrain this belief to navigate challenges with unwavering confidence.
  1. I Am Principle: Transform your thoughts to affirmations of who you are as a sales professional. Be the killer, the savage, the best. Align your identity with your aspirations and witness the power of reprogramming your mind. Start your day with positive affirmations for lasting impact.
  1. Specialize: Become a student of the game. Constantly invest in yourself by reading, studying your industry, and refining your skills. Incorporate learning into your routine, such as listening to sales podcasts for just 10 minutes a day. Mastery is the key to consistent, high-level success.
  1. Imagine: Visualize your success to believe in it. Imagine hitting quota, closing significant deals, and reaping substantial commissions. Visualization paves the way for belief and, eventually, reality. Use your imagination as a tool for achieving the success you envision.
  1. Plan: Success in sales is not complex; it requires a tight plan. Rework your calendar to prioritize revenue-generating activities. Execute your plan consistently and witness the impact on your wins and overall success.
  1. Decision: Constant motion is key. Don't obsess over perfection; focus on progress. Actively seek feedback by implementing your ideas and refining them over time. Action, not perfection, is the catalyst for success.
  1. Persistence: Expect adversity, but show up every day. Be proactive, and focus on activities within your control. Persistence in executing daily tasks leads to growth and success over time.
  1. Mastermind: Join a mastermind group of peers who inspire you. Share knowledge and collaborate to accelerate your growth. Learn from successful individuals and leverage collective wisdom to overcome challenges.
  1. Partner: Communicate with your partner about the challenges and demands of your sales career. Ensure they understand the commitment required for your success. Having a supportive partner can alleviate stress and enhance your overall well-being.
  1. Subconscious: Train your mind to master positivity and eliminate negativity. Pay attention to the thoughts entering your mind daily, especially in the morning. The thoughts before the thoughts shape your reality, so make them positive.
  1. Brain: Join communities and academies where you're surrounded by individuals who challenge and inspire you. Surrounding yourself with smarter people accelerates your growth and keeps you on an upward trajectory.
  2. Gut: Trust your instincts, your gut feeling. Align your decisions with your core values. Seek advice from mentors or peers when uncertain. Smarten up your gut to make informed and quick decisions.

These 13 principles, from Napoleon Hill's timeless teachings, have the potential to transform your sales career. While the journey isn't easy, it's certainly not complicated.

Apply these principles consistently, and you'll find yourself on the path to success.

Remember, abundance in sales is not a zero-sum game – there's enough success for everyone. Embrace these principles, master your mindset, and watch as your sales career takes off to new heights.

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