How to make cold calling so fun that you’d do it for free

Jan 10, 2024

Let's get real – cold calling sucks for most people

Why? Because they don't know how to make it fun.

Today, I'm sharing 6 tips you can implement right now to turn the worst part of your day to the best part.

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1. Embrace Biology:

Ride the wave of your body's natural adrenaline rush by diving into outreach first thing in the morning. Your adrenal glands are most active in the morning. Capitalize on that energy and make the toughest part of your day the most fun.

2. Control the Controllables:

Booking meetings is a foolish goal for one simple reason. You don't have 100% control. Focus on what's in your control. Set goals around testing improvements to your talk track, implementing new frameworks, and refining your craft. Make goals about the process, not the outcome. Track raw activity – calls, emails – it's all in your hands. Your body rewards achievement, so set yourself up for dopamine hits.

3. Seek No's: 

Shift your mindset – compete for the no's. Make it a friendly challenge with your peers. Every rejection is a step closer to a yes. Flip the script and watch how it transforms your perspective.

4. Prospecting Bingo:

Who said prospecting can't be fun? Introduce Prospecting Bingo to your routine. Create a bingo card with seasonal or thematic words. Inject humor into your conversations and share the joy with your peers. It's a simple game, but it can make your prospecting process a whole lot more enjoyable. Example - "You're missing your sales targets? That sounds spooky."

5. Enjoy The Journey:

You work hard – celebrate harder. Don't let the micro victories slip through the cracks. Whether it's booking a meeting, handling an objection like a pro, or simply trying something new – celebrate it. Find someone to share your wins with because success tastes better when it's shared.

6. Bring Your Squad:

Prospecting is hard. Don't do it alone. If you can hit the office, soak in that contagious energy. But in the remote realm, create your own prospecting party. Jump on a Zoom call with your team, mute yourselves, and conquer the calls together. Recreate the buzz, share the highs, and make it a team effort.

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