Steal My 476% Quota Attainment Framework

Feb 22, 2024

Hey Savages,

Today, I’m sharing the exact framework that I developed that helped me attain 476% attainment at Salesforce.

CLICK HERE to hear me break down the framework in greater detail and share pro tips to help you put it into practice.

The data says it takes 8 cold calls to get someone live and cold email reply rates are relatively consistent up until the 8th attempt. It also states that your response rates are 160% higher when you’re reaching out to multiple people in a company.

Combine those data points and you get the 5x8 prospecting method. A simple approach to prospecting that will help you break into more accounts in less time.

How does it work:

  • Pick 5 contacts that are titles you want to speak with for your accounts
  • Identify 2-3 outreach channels that you’ll use to reach out
  • Make 8 attempts over the next 8 weeks to reach them

Each attempt = attempting each of the outreach channels that you identified. Below is a visual of what that looks like.

The goal is to help you exhaust all potential in your accounts methodically and this will help you do it. Don’t get fancy. This is simple by design because when you listen to the gurus they’ll tell you “Don’t leave a message day 1. Leave a message day 3 at 4:37 PM. View their LinkedIn profile on day 17”.

That makes it significantly more complicated than it needs to be. Whatever gains you get by optimizing for nuanced data will be erased by the lack of consistency which comes with complexity.

You know what the best diet and workout plan is? The one that you stick to.

That’s what this is about. Stupid simple and effective prospecting.

I developed this framework as a BDR at Salesforce, used it as an SMB and Enterprise AE, and have trained 100s of sales reps how to do it. It works.

Pro tips to help you put it into practice:

  • Scale up and down the # of contacts and attempts based on your territory size
  • Swap accounts in and out 1x a week as you book meetings and get responses
  • Call similar titles and industries on the same day to increase productivity
  • Build out your templates by title per attempt in advance
  • Aim to “work” your accounts 3-4x a year

This works if you stick to it. If you're not getting results, that doesn't mean the framework doesn't work. That just means you need to uplevel your skills on the outreach channels (cold call/email execution). Don’t overthink it.

Steal this and use it for your business. If you need any help let me know.

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